Not suitable for pets


Check-in time is 3PM - 2AM (next day).


All guests must comply with local regulations, which requires us to formalise the rental with a contract and to provide a photo or scanned copy of passport(s). This must be done by email within 7 days of making the booking. The contract will always abide by the same conditions already accepted by both guest and host on airbnb, and will never introduce new conditions, restrictions or any kind of fees, taxes, or other costs, which are all included in the price already paid at the time of booking. The rental is residential offering the experience of living as locals do, and not a touristic rental. No touristic or hotel style services are offered.


Loud music or other sounds only allowed between 7 am and midnight.

Departure time is strictly 10am, your whole group must be out of the gate no later than 10:30, with all your belongings. Delays after this time will incur a fee of 50 euros for the first 1-29 minutes, 100 euros for minutes 30-59, etc.


Please take out garbage daily to the container at the end of the dirt road and use the recycling bins for paper and cardboard - blue bin; plastics, tins and containers - yellow bin ; and glass - green bin ; the grey bin is for general waste.


Smoking is allowed in the garden and outdoor terraces, never inside the house. Please dispose of waste matter to the garbage at the end of the road every day in summer to avoid bad smells.


Keep surfaces clean and tidy and foodstuffs well sealed to avoid attracting ants or stray cats.


Events or parties are limited to 30 people including the house guests in daylight hours, definitely not past 12 midnight or with externally obtained sound systems unless agreed in writing by host. Cars must be parked in the designated areas and never obstructing or making difficulties for the other users of the public road.




What is the weekly price?

Weekly prices start from 2500 Euro. For up to date pricing please visit  our airbnb page


How many car’s can can fit at the property without obstructing the road?

Between 9 cars. If you are anticipating more cars, please get in touch so we can see how we can accommodate


I am allergic to cats will this be a problem

There are two cats that live on the property so it is not suitable for people who are heavily allergic. They are fed and live in an independent section of the house.


Are there additional retreat facilities?

This is our first year in offering the space for retreats. We currently have 5 yoga mats, please let us know if you have any other requirements


Is there a sound system?

Yes there is a sound system available


Is it possible to see the place?

If you would like to view the house for hosting an event please get in touch. We are happy to arrange a viewing if the house meets your overall requirements.




Casa Flanagan also known as the Studio House is a carefully crafted spacious house full of creative history. The environment reflects the vision of a world renowned artist who designed the house, gardens and pool. We are thrilled to offer this space for holidays, events and retreats.


Santa Eulalia, Eivissa

Phone number available on request

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